Local SEO

Reach customers in your local area

What Is It?

Are you a local business looking for customers in your local area? then local SEO is what you are looking for. Our local search engine optimization will help your business get in front of the customers in your local area, no matter if you are a roofer, plumber or a restaurant.

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Why you need SEO

SEO is exactly what you need as a local business to make your phone ring with customers ready to buy from you!

You have properly tried Googling for a service and then just picking the first result that came up? a study shows over 90% of people searching pick the first 3 results…

This means if you are a local business and you are not in the top 3 results, you miss out on 90% of the customers, that’s searching for a service just like yours!

Even if you are already paying for Google ads, you’ll quickly see that SEO often will give you a better return on investment and give you cheaper leads than PPC ads like Google and Facebook advertising.


Cost of SEO as a Marketing option

“SEO is so expensive! Can’t you make it cheaper?”

This is something we often hear, but in reality SEO is one of the best marketing forms when you measure return on investment. We often generate 3-5x on our clients investment, so for every $1 they invest in their SEO with us, they generate a minimum of $3-$5 right back from customers.

Do you want to see just how much extra SEO can generate your business in sales? Use our simple calculator below and see for yourself

the number of new organic visitors you are getting (normally this will be 3000+)
Your average conversion rate on your site (this is normally 3%+ but can be any number)
The average size of your orders on your webshop
Total Monthly Sale Increase$

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