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Do you want to find the right keywords to rank for without going through the hassle?

Take advantage of our sale and let our experts find the best keywords for your site

Why is keyword analysis important for SEO?

Before you do any kind of SEO, you need to have a keyword analysis that's up to date, with the most valuable keywords for your business. Because in order to build the right plan and have the right content produced you need to know what to include in that. 

More important, you need to know what people are actively searching for and what they want to read. That way you are not just writing content or doing SEO for keywords or ideas you think is important, but instead you know exactly what people want to know and you can give it to them.

Our expert team will find up to 4000 keywords, and give you the exact search volume for each. We will prioritize the ones we have analyzed and deemed the most important for your site, so you know exactly what to get started with first. And we will analyze each of your existing URL's and give you the best keyword for each one, so you easily can get that keyword included in the content, if it's not already there.

A keyword analysis is a the single most important building block of your search engine optimization, it's the foundation. A well done analysis will help you immensely and make your SEO effort practically fail proof.

Save hours on doing it yourself, let us do the boring grunt work for you. Pick a package below and let's get started


Up to 500 keywords



Price doesn't include vAT
  • From 50 to 500 keywords
  • Up to 200 URL's
  • Keyword for each URL
  • Search Volume Pr. Keyword
  • 2 Weeks Delivery or Free
up to 4000 keywords



Price doesn't include vAT
  • From 1501 to 4000 Keywords
  • Up to 1000 URL's
  • Keyword for each URL
  • Search Volume Pr. Keyword
  • delivery within 3 weeks

Terms: If we can't find more than 50 keywords, you'll get it free. If we can't find the number of keywords included in your package you'll get billed for a cheaper package instead. So no matter what, you'll never be billed more than what you picked, but you might pay less. We will send an invoice after the work has been delivered, and you'll have 7 days to pay that.

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