Ecommerce SEO

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Why do you need Ecommerce SEO?

If you have a ecommerce store, you know the importance of keeping your advertising costs low while increasing your sales and AOV. With SEO your customers can find your products while searching on Google so your cost to acquire a customer is free, your conversion rate will without doubt increase as the customer is actually searching for your product, so there is a big chance they’ll buy from you.

SEO is the best marketing for your ecommerce store based on ROI

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Why Do SEO

When SEO is done correctly, you’ll quickly see your website in the Google search results. If you are Ecommerce, you’ll see your products pages ranked for the specific products. When doing so, you customers will easily find you products.

PPC is an expensive way to get new customers, but it works great as retargeting for customers that already bought or visited your website. But getting the traffic to begin with is the hard part. That’s where SEO comes into the picture. You cold traffic from SEO is visiting your page, because you have something they need and searched for. This will make a huge different when they land on your ecom product, they are more likely to buy when they land from a Google search than from PPC ads.

If you utilizing SEO in you marketing plan, you’ll often see if has the best return on investment of all your marketing channels


Cost of SEO as a Marketing option

“SEO is so expensive! Can’t you make it cheaper?”

This is something we often hear, but in reality SEO is one of the best marketing forms when you measure return on investment. We often generate 3-5x on our clients investment, so for every $1 they invest in their SEO with us, they generate a minimum of $3-$5 right back from customers.

Do you want to see just how much extra SEO can generate your business in sales? Use our simple calculator below and see for yourself

the number of new organic visitors you are getting (normally this will be 3000+)
Your average conversion rate on your site (this is normally 3%+ but can be any number)
The average size of your orders on your webshop
Total Monthly Sale Increase$

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