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How much is SEO worth to you?

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly how much SEO is worth, but with our smart calculator you can quickly see how much money you are leaving on the table.

You can play around with the sliders and see what you need to reach your goal

All numbers depend on your niche and what you are trying to do.

But let’s say you get 2000 new visitors from our SEO campaign, and you are converting 3% to a lead, And each lead is worth $100. Your total monthly increase would be $6,000.00 every single month.

Put in your numbers and see what a small increase in visitors would mean for your business.

And when you are done contact us, so we can get started on your campaign

the number of new organic visitors you are getting (normally this will be 3000+)
Your average conversion rate on your site (this is normally 3%+ but can be any number)
The average size of your orders on your webshop
Total Monthly Sale Increase$