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  • Starting from only $495 a month
  • No Cure no Pay, You'll only be billed for results
  • No minimum spend or commitment
  • 7 Years Experience and 19.670% ROI's

Who is Nichlas Birkholm

In the last 7 years he has worked in depth with Advertising and online ads for his own businesses and for clients, with one goal in mind. Make the most amount of money for the least amount of spend, and then scale that to the stars.

One of the first campaigns he build netted him a 3000% Roas (for every $1 he spent he made $30 back) and every campaign from then has been better.

"If you know the psychology of why people buy, it's not a question If they buy, but a question of how many" - Nichlas Birkholm

He teaches you how you can do it yourself or takes it out of your hand and does it all for you. No matter your budget or marketing problem, he will be able to help you get to the next level.

How We Help

A for Ads Membership

Learn directly from Nichlas, what works and what doesn't. This secret community of expert Marketing people is always up to date and new content is posted weekly, with direct 24/7 access to Nichlas. Monthly Webinars, Q&A, Fresh video content weekly and 24/7 access to get all your questions answered.

Currently closed for new members

Coaching Calls

You need help with a specific problem and don't want to hire an expert to do it for you, you like having the hands in the dirt. But, sometimes you just need to be able to call an expert and get help. You pay for each hour and we can talk about whatever you want, but i'll only be able to help you with your ads and marketing.

Currently NOT accepting new clients

Done for you Ads

Let us do all the work and maintain your ads, we can craft custom campaign specifically for your situation and budget. Comes with a no cure no pay guarantee, so you only pay us when you see results. Prices from $495 a month

Limited spots availiable

Search Engine Optimization

Why pay for ads when you can get organic traffic from Google, from people searching for your specific product. We offer both consultant services and complete SEO packages, where we handle everything like content production, outreach and all the technical stuff. Prices vary, but get in touch and let's find the perfect solution for your business

Psst! Get Free Access to Our Facebook Masterclass

Learn from Nichlas over the shoulder, everything you need to know before running your first Facebook ad